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What is the Animal Jam: Official Insider's Guide? Where can I get it?

The Animal Jam: Official Insider's Guide is the best way to learn more about Animal Jam! This richly illustrated, educational, and fun guidebook contains lots of never-before-known information about Jamaa and the animals that protect it. Animal Jam's affiliation with National Geographic ensures that the Official Insiders Guide is filled with stunning photographs and facts about the world around us.

Clever Jammers might even find a hidden clue or two within its pages as well. Will they be able to answer the secret question and earn a special prize?

The Animal Jam: Official Insider's Guide is the perfect resource for every fan of Animal Jam, and it can be purchased for only $9.99 from the following retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • (US only)
  • Walmart stores (Canada only)
  • Many other places where books are sold


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