Animal Jam Help Center

What is Jammer Central?

Located in Jamaa Township, Jammer Central is a bulletin board that showcases a number of cool features.


Upcoming Events
- The Activities Calendar shows what awesome things are currently happening in Jamaa, and what fun things are coming soon.

- The Gallery features artwork created by Jammers like you! The Gallery is updated frequently, and you can submit your own art by clicking on the Submit Your Work button.

- Howls are special messages sent by your fellow Jammers. Take a minute to read what others in Jamaa are saying, and then submit your own howl by clicking on the Submit A Howl button.

Featured Video
- If you want to watch cool videos that often can't be found anywhere else in Jamaa, Jammer Central is the place.

Remember that Jammer Central is updated all the time, so check back often and see what's new!