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What is a Howl? How can I send one?

Howls are messages to your fellow Jammers that can be submitted and seen in Jammer Central in Jamaa Township.

What would you like to howl to the other Jammers in Jamaa? Maybe you want to tell a silly joke or talk about how awesome one of your buddies is. Or maybe you want to say a funny quote or talk about something amazing happening in Jamaa.

 How To Submit A Howl    

  1. Visit Jammer Central in Jamaa Township

  2. Click the Submit A Howl button in the bottom-left corner
  3. Type your howl, then press the Submit button

Remember that howls can't contain line breaks, quotation marks, or any special characters, and AJHQ will not accept howls that contain violence, vulgarity, explicit language, or inappropriate content.

You can always see what other Jammers are howling at the bottom of Jammer Central, and who knows: maybe your howl will be next! If your howl makes it onto Jammer Central, you'll win an awesome plaque for your den!

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