Animal Jam Help Center

How do I cancel a recurring membership?

  1. Log into your Parent Dashboard.
  2. Select the username of the player account with the recurring membership you would like to cancel.
  3. Under the Membership tab, click the Change link found beneath the text that reads Auto-Renew: On.
  4. A pop-up warning will appear, stating the date the membership will expire if Auto Renew is turned off.
  5. To confirm cancellation of recurring membership, click the Yes button.

The player account will still be able to enjoy the benefits of its Animal Jam membership until the aforementioned date, at which point the recurring transaction will not be charged.

Please note that the above instructions can only be followed if you have activated your Parent Dashboard. If you would like to cancel a recurring membership for an account linked to a Parent Dashboard that has not been activated, please contact us and include the following information:
     - Animal Jam player account username
     - Parent email address
     - If you do not know what parent email address was entered          upon account creation, please include the Animal Jam                  Transaction ID or confirmation number that accompanied the        membership purchase to verify account ownership.